A wierd and significant factor occurred On the April 29 efficiency of Saby way ofna Stanescu’s touching drama “Bee Trapped Contained in the Window” at HartBeat Ensemble’s Carriage House space on Farmington Avenue.

The play accomplished And no-one moved. Nophysique clapped. Nophysique did somefactor for minutes on finish. All of us simply sOn there. The temper turned tranquil and meditative, befitting a play that refuses to tie factors up neatly and purposely leaves A lot of provocative questions open for dialogue.

This critic has not often seen somefactor Choose it. I’ve been at experimental theater gadgets that defied conventional curtain calls or finishured moments of surprised silence (good or dangerous) earlier than a crowd response finally kicked in. This was completely different.

It was a confluence of occasions.

That might not giving somefactor amethod, since most of “Bee Trapped Contained in the Window” is A combination of quiet moments the place the three forged members stand aside onstage, However the play finishs in a silent tableau. The three actors in it struck calm, reflective poses. Gentle music continued to play. There was lots to ponder. Not solely that, However the manufacturing begins with Definitely one of many characters sitting in full view of the viewers On The center of the stage for about half an hour earlier than the play commences. If the viewers doesn’t Understand how (or when, or if) To answer, They’ve a set off.

I noticed an earlier mannequin of the play launched almost in March of 2021, so was Aware of The biggest method it accomplished. I assume I might have started the applause, however I tfinish To watch pretty than lead in such circumstances. Different viewers members might have examined the waters by clapping however chosen To not. The actors Did not return to the stage or in any other case signal finality. Dozens of us sat Inside The snug 77-seat auditorium simply ruminating for A great 5 minutes.

Finally, HartBeat Ensemble’s inventive director Godfrey L. Simmons Jr. poked his head by way of the door and requested, “Everyphysique Okay?”

This is the place some critics might advocate that a play Should work on its ending, announce its transitions extra clearly, or have the actors ostentatiously bow or smile or make the praying-palms gesture. But, I hope that “Bee Trapped Contained in the Window” retains mysterious and serene.

A lot of the return of stay theatergoing submit-pandemic is about hooting and hollering “We’re again!” We mustn’t overlook The other extreme: Communal contemplation, The Sort of shared theater expertise that’s extra spiritual than social.

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